Cảm biến báo kính vỡ 5812NT

Mã sản phẩm: 5812NT

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Cảm biến báo kính vỡ 5812NT

The Sentrol 5812NT Series ShatterPro 3 is the



latest breakthrough in Sentrol’s advanced series of

acoustic glassbreak sensors. In independent lab tests,

Sentrol's ShatterPro 3 provides 25 percent better false-

alarm immunity than industry-leading glassbreak

sensors. The coverage pattern can be easily adjusted

to fit small or large rooms.  Interference outside the

range will not cause false alarms.

The ShatterPro 3 detects in a full 360°-coverage

pattern, with a maximum 25’ (7.5m) radius from sensor

to glass.

Using Sentrol’s patented Pattern Recognition Tech-

nology, the sensor listens for actual patterns of break-

ing glass while eliminating most false alarm patterns.

ShatterPro 3 listens across the glassbreak frequency

spectrum for greater false alarm immunity.

Available with a round or rectangular housing,

ShatterPro 3 can be tested without opening the sensor

by activating the Sentrol hand-held glassbreak tester at

close range.  A simple hand clap feature lets end-users

confirm at any time that the ShatterPro 3 is operational


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